Project – il Piccolo Dreamer

And now it’s time to introduce an other project I’ve collaborated to! Daily topic: the book called “il Piccolo Dreamer”.

I had the honor to illustrate the amazing and touching book “il Piccolo Dreamer” (transl: the Little Dreamer), published and distributed by “Efdien Publishing”, written by the super talented Vega Roze!

This sweet story wants to send a message to all the children of the world, a message of hope and wonder. It teaches to never stop dreaming, to believe in a passion and to follow the path suggested by your soul and heart, an idea that many people lose growing up, getting serious and “adult”, completely changing their approach to their lives.

It was beautiful to read the story, lose myself in the blurred corners of my mostly forgotten childhood and come back with great inspiration and amazement, allowing my creativity to run wild and unbound. Vega is a beautiful person, it was such a pleasure to collaborate with her, working together in order to express perfectly what she imagined through my art.


il piccolo dreamer _ Giorgia Lanza    il piccolo dreamer _ Giorgia Lanza 2


il PICCOLO DREAMER official page