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Here I am again after such a long period of silence, writing again about my recent activity! Daily topic: Gocce di Memoria RPG.

This article is dedicated to a project that made me enjoy myself A LOT: an rpg card game called “Gocce di Memoria” (Drops of Memory). I was in charge of working on the whole artistic section, and it was hella fun!

Drops of Memory is a roleplaying game of passion, love and epic battles. The main characters will have to fight with or against the living embodiments of their emotions, learning how to face and win their fears.
The whole concept was created by Veronica, an amazing woman with a great love for roleplaying games. The game will be published and distributed by “Acchiappasogni” at Lucca Comics&Games 2016.

I worked on the visual concepts and on the character design, drawing all the characters’ official sheets in the end.
The very first direction I received was: “Draw a creature for every basic emotion you can think of.”
Well, the challenge was sometimes hard but always very stimulating and pleasant. Questions like “How can I represent such an emotion as Self-satisfaction, Solitude or Friendship?” flooded my mind the first time I read the list of feelings I had to illustrate… but one by one, inspiration came and gave me nice ideas.

Some concepts are better then other ones, some are pretty stereotyped, some are more creative.
I’m quite fond of all of them, but there are special cases of course: for example, when I had to design “Anxiety”, I asked myself what was anxiety for me, what used to give me anxious feelings. Mostly? Situations and sounds, unluckily stuff that didn’t do well for my cause.
But suddenly, the revelation!
Goodbye Blue Sky, song performed by Pink Floyd. In the official animated video there’s a sequence of people hiding in dark tunnels, sheltered from the Germans’ bombing. They were completely naked, skinny and scared, acting more like animals than humans. They were wearing only a full-head gas mask, as if they feared to die from intoxication, dust or poison. Heck, it still sends chills up my back!
That’s the reason why I drew Anxiety with a gas mask, exhalations coming out of its body, intoxicated by its own fear of death.
Many other characters’ birth had a similar path, many concepts are pretty personal and intimate.

In the end, this project was extremely refreshing and great for practicing with creativity. I loved every second of it!
I can’t wait to have the physical copy in my hands! If you are interested in the project, you can find more infos in the link below!

GOCCE DI MEMORIA_Drops of Memory


Gocce di Memoria RPG 2

Gocce di Memoria RPG