Lucca comics&games 2015

At last I can proudly announce the publishing of my new comic book “Agenzia Investigativa Carlo Lorenzini 2”, produced and distributed by the independent publisher Manfont! I worked as a colorist in the whole project, teaming up with many talented colleagues!
I’ve already worked with the team of “Carlo Lorenzini” for the first issue, and as usual seeing the project getting life page by page is always kinda magic. Holding the real product in hand will be amazing! Also, I love the paper used for the printing, it’s slightly rough and smells great!

I am proud to present a new product this year as well! I will be there every day, camping at the Manfont stand together with all my colleagues and adventure mates! I’ve also drawn a tribute illustration for the amazing “Brothel Bros” comic (still published by Manfont).


lucca comics&games 2015 cover CL   lucca comics&games 2015 CL page 01

If you are interested, you can see some pages of Carlo Lorenzini in the Portfolio section of my website.

MANFONT fb page