ARTerie: for earthquake victims

Today I’m not going to talk about a personal project but about an amazing initiative: ARTerie.

ARTERIE is a charity initiative created by Italian artists and illustrators to help people impacted by the earthquake which struck central Italy on August 23.
Joined by more than 200 professionals, ARTERIE consists of an online art auction. Every artist has donated a max of three pictures each. Traditional artists will send the real copy of the picture, digital artists will send high quality prints.
All the proceeds will be given to charity.

As you may know, 296 people lost their lives during that awful catastrophe. Italy is full of historical areas, old villages and structures. I don’t really wanna start talking about economic conspiracies, mafia or twisted systems. All I know is that for the second time in a few years, Italy found itself devastated by an other terrible earthquake.

I’m not that fond of my country, I feel kind of a cold detachment from what should be called my “motherland”, but I care for human beings. I feel victims’ pain, the confusion and the sense of loss they must be facing while looking at their old houses, scared to move too many rubbles away and find their relatives’ corpses… can’t even imagine how terrible it must be.
I look at my home, my shelter, my start point. I imagine it destroyed and I shudder.
I look into my beloved ones’ eyes, my mother, my father, my love and my friends. I imagine them missing and I hurt deep in my soul.

That’s the reason why I want to do something, the reason why I joined this beautiful initiative. If my art can somehow help a little, I’m happy to comply. If you want to help as well, actions will start on the 10th of September. You can visit the website galleries to see what’s offered on the plate. There are many awesome pics. I’ve participated with three original artworks of mine.

ARTERIE – homepage
ARTERIE – auction
Where you can find my prints (scroll almost to the end of the page)

arteria _ giorgia Lanza auction